A downloadable game

Motion Fencing is a sword fighting game that uses the Leap Motion controlled to allow a 1:1 control of the sword by moving your hand.

Not currently in active development.

The game currently requires the Leap Motion.


  • 1:1 motion control of your sword.
  • Emphasis on blade contact - Using your sword to block opponent's attacks, and working around your opponent's sword to deliver killing strikes.
  • No health bar - Fights are decided by single well placed attacks.
  • Emphasis on thrusting weapons of the 17th century.
  • Explore the intial level, fight multiple opponents armed with various weapons.
  • Programmer art

Video of a previous version

Check out the FAQ!

Tech demo available for Windows including most of the basic controls and interface.

Install instructions

Once the download completes, unzip the file. Run the .exe to play the game.


FencingGame0-4.zip 28 MB